How to use miner mining grin coin

How to use miner mining grin coin

What is GRIN coin?

Grin is a private digital currency that uses the MimbleWimble protocol and runs on the Cuckoo algorithm’s Workload Proof (PoW) and is designed to be unstorable, requiring miners to have cards with high storage capacity (for example, 1080 graphics with 8GB of RAM ). Cuckoo PoW has 2 modes – c29 supports GPU mining, c31 supports ASIC miner. we will focus on the GPU c29 because there is no ASIC miner.


Nvidia graphics cards: 1070, 1070ti, 1080, 1080ti, 2070, 2080

Please note that AMD cards don’t currently work (many users have collected the card through Discor), but stay tuned for updates!


Miner Tools – See step 1 below.

Overclocking tool – MSI Afterburner can very well limit power and temperature (this is very important for protecting mining graphics cards and optimizing returns!)

Test configuration – use power: 65% – 75%, temperature limit: 70 ° C, core: +100, memory: +300; these settings are stable for myself on 1070ti, 1080, 1080ti, and where I am In the case of an ambient temperature of approximately 28 ° C, please lower / increase the setting as needed.

Steps to set up Grin mining

Step 1: Download Bminer

Go to Bminer’s official release page and download the mining software. For our purposes, the third option, bminer-lite (v14.0.0 at the time of writing), works fine. Download the mining software and extract it to any folder of your choice. It should be a folder containing a lot of .bat files.

Step 2: Choose a mine pool

Note: Although the miners always want to mine in the most powerful pool, it is best to distract the power of the Grin network – try different mines to balance Wang Lun’s calculations! Grin’s official Discord seems to be constantly working to demand a more rational allocation of computing power.

Grinmint (0% cost) – the mine is running smoothly and the reported work is consistent on the client/sink side. The form of payment received is email/http page payment.

F2pool (3% cost) – The mine operation is smooth and the reported work is consistent on the client/sink side. I have received the payment and can use it directly on the exchange.

Sparkpool (1% cost) – The mine operation is smooth and the reported work is consistent on the client/sink side. I can also receive payments directly on the exchange. (0% cost) – The mine operation is smooth, easy to register, and the reported work is consistent on the client/sink side. Currently paying to grin-wallet only via HTTP / HTTPS (requires setting the Grin wallet on Windows).

Other mines that have not been considered for trial are, Luxor Pool, and other mines in the mine statistics for Grin-c29.

Step 3: Start setting!

3.1 Virtual Memory in Windows

Before you can mine Grin, you need to increase the virtual memory in Windows to at least 7GB (the number of graphics cards), so that devices with 2 graphics cards need at least 14GB – please click here.

3.2 Setting the Bminer Configuration File (Grimmint as an example)

To better illustrate the process of setting up a profile, the “real” account will be used to display the configuration:

Username / Email =

Password = abc123 $

Worker name (optional) = Jin

Stratum Server =

From there, setting up the Bminer configuration file is very simple – just open the mine_grin.bat file and edit the information as needed. For us, it looks like this:

Start running “Bminer Grin” bminer.exe -uri cuckaroo29 + ssl://$

However, one of the pitfalls of using Bminer is that certain symbols/characters must be escaped using HTML URL encoding. For your convenience, I’ve included an HTML encoding reference here so you can quickly find all the characters you need to escape. The characters to be escaped are symbols. In our example, the “@”, “.”, “$” and “/” characters need to be escaped.

Final configuration file after escaping:

START ” Bminer Grin” bminer.exe -uri cuckaroo29 + ssl:// cg %% 40coingecko %% 2Ecom %%

If you don’t need to set up any work programs, just omit the %% 2FJin part, which is more convenient:

START ” Bminer Grin” bminer.exe -uri cuckaroo29 + ssl:// cg %% 40coingecko %%

After that, save the file and everything goes well!

Step 4: Start Bminer

If the settings are correct, after double-clicking, the following screen will be displayed after a short wait:

If not, go to section 5. If so, congratulations! You can now use Bminer for successful grin mining. Grin currently trades at an average price of about $7 on more than 10 exchanges.

Step 5: Troubleshooting

If you encounter an error that causes Bminer to close immediately upon startup, you will need to recheck some things:

Have you tried restarting your computer?

Do you have a large enough virtual memory pool for the number of graphics cards you have? See section 3.1.

You may have missed some characters and have not properly escaped them in the configuration file. Please check again!

About miner:

Official website:

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