Nervos CKB test network mining tutorial: NBminer & Bminer

ViaBTC currently supports Bminer and NBminer mining. The mining steps are as follows:

1. Complete the registration of ViaBTC account

The registration steps can be referred to:


, download mining software

Download link 1 :

Download link 2 :


Download link:

, set mining parameters

NBMiner support CKB single dig and ETH & CKB double digging, you can choose according to their needs; Bminer currently only supports ETH & CKB double dig, dig double-check option, and set ViaBTC of ETH mining address and your Vi ABTC username You can double digging.

3.1  Using NBminer mining settings

1 ) Download the NBMiner mining software, select ” Unzip the file to the current folder ” and find the “start.bat” batch file of ckb , as shown below:


2 ) Right click on “start.bat” and select ” Edit ” . In the start.bat file, the parameters are set as follows:

CKB single digging:

Nbminer -a eaglesong -o stratum+tcp:// 70  -u username.worker_name  

CKB & ETH double digging:

Nbminer -a eaglesong_ethash -o stratum+tcp:// 70  -u  username.worker_name -do stratum+tcp://  -du  username.worker_name


1. Place the username instead you  account name or account name of the child, WORKER_NAME can fill in any, but shall be composed of lowercase letters or numbers, up to 64- characters;

2. If the suffix 70 does not detect the miner, you can try port 7777, stratum+tcp: // 7777.

3 ) Save the file, double-click again to open “start_ckb_eth.bat” or “start_ckb.bat , pop-up mining interface, if the word “accept” appears , it means that the submission of the mining pool is successful.

3.2  Using Bminer mining settings

And set ViaBTC of ETH mining address and your Vi ABTC username to double dig.

, check the mining machine operating status and revenue

After the machine has been running for a while and submitted data to the mine pool, you can log on to to check the operation status and revenue of the mine.

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