If you mining at home , Noise reducer is your best choose.

Bitmain Antminer Noise Reducer Machine Miner Silencer Cancelling for S9, D3, Z9

This machine can host 2 miners at the same time,it can use for antminer all types miners,and also can cool for miner and reduce for noise at the same time!Not only the temperature and noise reduction, and can effectively isolate the dust in the air, we know that the dust will make machine and hashrate board damage easy, Even after use half a year or a few months , machine still look like new, and more valued
how to work?
1. The sound insulation noise reduction box made of high density of PVC board, fireproofing and easy sound insulation, light box adopts double high frequency acoustic board, can effectively reduce machine noise,

2. Built an air inlet and outlet on both ends of the box body, inhalation of air conditioning, outflow of heat, Let your machine be cold for 24hours work every day.

3. After use the box , The machine noise to 30-40db from 90db .

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