A new generation of bitcoin miner, the winner of the future.

Innosilicon T3+67T performs with a powerful impressive hashrate 67TH/S at only 3300W. It is built with the most advanced ASIC technology and continues the fault tolerance 4-fan design to achieve extra heat dissipation and longevity. Very nice management tool is available for ease of T3 miner batch management.

  • Hashrate:67TH/s (+/-5%)
  • Power Consumption:3300W( +/-10%, on wall, with 93% efficiency PSU, 25°C temperature)
  • Dimensions:(L)338 mm*(W)207mm*(H)293mm
  • Net Weight:13.53KG
  • Network Connection:Ethernet
  • Allowed ambient temperature range:0°C to 40°C
Please make sure your farm use proper cooling, dust filter and 16A AC cable to meet the proper operating condition requirements. Humidity <75%, AC voltage 210~240V, Power supply AC input current 16A, dust <0.5 Mg/m3.

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