INNOSILICON released SHA256 algorithm bitcoin miner new model: T3+57T btc miner

INNOSILICON released SHA256 algorithm bitcoin miner new model: T3+57T btc miner

T3+ has 4 operating modes that can be adjusted. The official parameters are as follows:

e mode – power : 2100W, hash rate: 40T
b mode – power : 2600W, hash rate: 45T
f mode – power : 3000W, hash rate: 50T
p mode – power : 3600W, hash rate: 57T

INNOSILICON T3+ bitcoin miner notes have model, hash rate, miner SN code.

The package marked with a size of 305x203x*278mm and a weight of 13.5KG.

INNOSILICON T3+ bitcoin miner design size: 338x207x293mm, weight 12.3KG.

On the side, you can see the miner model name, hash rate , IP address , login name and password, and precautions for mining machine use.

INNOSILICON miner with bottom mat

The control panel of the INNOSILICON T3+ is equipped with a protective case.

The control board interface has an SD card slot, an IP address reporting button, an Ethernet interface, a reset button, and a status indicator.

INNOSILICON T3+ IPset (IP address reporting) setting button usage:

1. Press the IPset button for 1-4 seconds.
(1) Send the IP of the miner to the “SetIP” tool;
(2) Set the miner to static IP with the “SetIP” tool
2. Press and hold the IPset button for 4-15 seconds, the static IP will change to dynamic IP, and the mine pool will be restored to the default settings.
3. Press and hold the IPset button for more than 15 seconds. IP switches to static IP, and IP returns to the default IP:
INNOSILICON T3+ Reset button usage: Press the reset button to restart the miner and return to the factory settings in 5-10 seconds.
INNOSILICON T3+ status indicator description:
Normal Indicator indicates static IP, blinking to obtain IP address (DHCP)
Fault Indicator: The light is off, indicating that the network or mine is faulty.

The INNOSILICON T3+ uses four 12V 2.7A fans to provide for the miner.

INNOSILICON T3+ has a conversion efficiency of 93% and a maximum power of 3700W.

INNOSILICON T3+ Bitcoin miner installation settings

Go to the official website to download the latest version of the firmware, click to enter the download page.
Select “Maintenance/Firmware” to enter the firmware update page, select the downloaded firmware, and click “Upgrade Now” to start the update.
The mine will restart automatically after the update is completed.

After the reboot is complete, select “Settings/Pools” to enter the page, enter the mine address, miner number and password, and click “Upgrade Pool” to save.

INNOSILICON T3+ bitcoin miner temperature performance
Air inlet temperature 25.6 degrees
Air outlet temperature 41 degrees
The side temperature of the miner is 30.5 degrees
Power outlet temperature 35.5 degrees
Power connection bronze temperature 34.5 degrees

INNOSILICON T3+ bitcoin miner power calculation performance
The power consumption value is 3472W.
The operating power of the 44-hour operation was stable, showing a hash rate of 57.14T, a receiving rate of 99.9% in the mining pool, and a computing power of the three computing boards exceeding 19T.
The average 24-hours hash rate of the BTC.COM pool exceeded 59T, reaching 59.4T.

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