Inblocks Conference by Tokocrypto is BACK, Together with Indonesia Blockchain Week

The largest blockchain conference in Jakarta and the first blockchain week in Indonesia Jakarta, Tokocrypto, the leading crypto exchange in Indonesia, will be presenting Inblocks 2019, the largest blockchain conference in Jakarta, from 19-20 November 2019 in the Grand Ballroom of the JS Luwansa Hotel […]

Privacy Currency Zcash Considers Cosmos Peg Zone for Cross-Chain Asset Transfer

Zcash announced that it is exploring cross-chain solutions to share the high privacy features provided by Zcash, and is currently exploring mapping Zcash based on Cosmos “Peg Zone”, in addition to mapping assets across links. It will also provide the basis for design decisions in […]

AMFEED coin – launch mode, mining and nodes, x11 algorithm, Dash miner mining dug!

AMFEED coin, launch mode, mining and nodes, mainly do video payment business and global virtual currency data statistics! Total: 252,468,426 25% more bonus bonus Masternode rewards 80% 1123 Masternodes Masternode confirms 112 blocks Coinbase mature 100 (+ 1 default confirmation) Target spacing 1 minute Target […]

Nervos CKB test network mining tutorial: NBminer & Bminer

ViaBTC currently supports Bminer and NBminer mining. The mining steps are as follows: 1. Complete the registration of ViaBTC account The registration steps can be referred to: Https:// 2 , download mining software NBminer Download link 1 : Download link 2 : Bminer Download link: 3 , set mining parameters NBMiner support CKB single dig and ETH & CKB double digging, you can choose according to […]

NTU coin-x16rv2 algorithm new currency mining tutorial released, graphics card miner can mine

  NTU coin , the previous currency is the Monroe series, the main chain that has been re-launched in 18 years, and the algorithm is x16rv2 algorithm. Graphics card mining. When I posted the information, I had 3,168 blocks. It is still the initial stage. […]

CMRA coins – graphics card mining machine and CPU mining new coins, mining tutorial released!

CMRA coins – graphics card mining machine and CPU mining new coins, mining tutorial released! Total: 1 billion Official website: Https:// Wallet download: Mine Pool Website: Http:// Mining software mine configuration links and ports: Http:// If the link and port above are not used, […]